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You can create your own "garden" inside your home using Susan's photos of colorful blosoms to decorate your walls.  This page samples flowers Susan has captured with her camera,  preserving the unique beauty of each blossom at a particular moment in time -- a special moment in both the natural lifespan of the blossom itself and the ever-changing natural light of that particular solar day.

yellow hibiscus and two sulphurs
Dance of the Butterflies

Magnolia Study I

Yellow Jessamine
Yellow Jessamine

Dogwood Study II
Dogwood Study II

hydranges  - Betty's Favorite
Betty's Favorite

Lotus Blossom


Water Lilies
Water Lilies

Sunflower - SUNBURST-II.jpg
Sunburst II

Susan's Magnolia

Yellow on Blue
Yellow on Blue

Gardenia Blossom

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Susan Roberts Photos, Edisto Island, South Carolina