Susan Roberts Photos

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Pelicans, Egrets and Herons

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The vast expanses of saltwater marshes along the U.S. southeastern coast offer a rich habitat for birds of all varieties. When viewed in the context of the coastal area's natural beauty -- the rich colors of the marsh grass, trees, water and sky -- the  varied sizes, color schemes and textures of these birds and their environment provide the photographer with seemingly endless opportunity  --  at least, so it seems to Susan.

great egret pair in breeding plumage
Tender Moment

Courting I - great blue herons
Courting I

All the world's a stage....  great egret
All the world's a stage....

Dawn Patrol

Pelican Float I
Pelican Float I

great egret with eggs
Nest Eggs

Great Egret
Early Light

Water Colors with Pelican

Elegance II - great egret breeding plumage
Elegance II

great blue heron
Heron Hideaway

Great Egrets - Mother and Chicks

Great Blue Heron - Day's End
Great Blue Heron - Day's End

Pelicans - Morning Flight
Morning flight
Heart to Heart - great blue herons
Heart to Heart

Green Heron Fledgling
Green Heron Fledgling

The Rookery II

Egret - EVENING-GLOW.jpg
Evening Glow

snowy egrets with nest and egg
Courting II - great blue herons
Courting II

Reaching for the Sky - great blue heron
Reaching for the Sky

Pelican Float II
Snowy Egret - Beach Walk

great egret with breeding plumage
Egret Elegance

White Pelican
White Pelican

egret in breeding plumage
Feathery Veil

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Susan Roberts Photos, Edisto Island, South Carolina