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Botany Bay Plantation

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Botany Bay Plantation Wildlife Management Area on Edisto Island, S.C., is 4,687.5 acres of natural beauty including marsh, ponds, forests, agricultural fields, ocean beach and a wide variety of Low Country wildlife.  Originally, the area was comprised of two plantations -- Bleak Hall and Sea Cloud -- and some remnants of those plantations remain today.  Susan had opportunity to take photographs over much of the area at the invitation of Botany Bay Plantation's owner before it was deeded to the State near the end of 2007.  But the lure of the Plantaton's many visual wonders continues to tempt her photographer's eye. 

Low-Country-Lane - Botany Bay Road
Low Country Lane

Botany Bay - The Inexorable Tide II
The Inexorable Tide II

Botany Bay Road
Botany Bay Road

Springtime at Botany Bay

The Inexorable Tide - Botany Bay
The Inexorable Tide

Morning at Botany II

Lowcountry Moonrise II
Lowcountry Moonrise II

The Gardener's Shed
The Gardener's Shed, Botany Bay Plantation

Live Oak Legacy II

Autumn in the Low Country
Autumn in the Low Country

Early Morning at Botany
Early Morning at Botany

The Ice House, Botany Bay Plantation
The Ice House, Botany Bay Plantation

Road to the Past - Botany Bay Plantation
Road to the Past - Botany Bay

Spanish moss
Spanish Moss Study II

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Susan Roberts Photos, Edisto Island, South Carolina